Driam USA, Inc.

Driam USA is the sales office of the parent company in Germany, specialized in coating equipment for the confectionery industry, including turnkey installations for hard sugar, chocolate and soft sugar coating. Continuous coating systems for soft sugar & film coating applications were recently introduced. The product range includes laboratory coaters with exchangeable drums from 2-35 liters and machines with solid wall pans for chocolate & soft sugar coating. Hard sugar coating & polishing pans are offered with extremely efficient, partially perforated pans for application of the coating media in direct or reverse air mode. A cycled continuous machine represents the latest contribution to the requirements of the confectionery. Driam also manufactures accessories such as static or revolving storage silos, as well as conditioned feeding hoppers & feeding devices. Driam's brands include Driacoater, Driamat, Driaconti-T, Driacont-T pharma, Laboratory coater DRC 500/600, Chocolate coater.