Tray-Pak Corporation

Tray-Pak Corporation is a leading single-source supplier for custom thermoformed plastic packaging. Our innovative team has been providing solutions for the confectionery market since 1975. Tray-Pak is ISO 9001:2000 and AIB certified, and our in-house design, engineering, and tooling capabilities enable us to work closely with our customers to solve the most challenging packaging needs. In-house digital scanning and rapid-prototyping afford our customers the luxury of developing candy molds. Concept through finished product, Tray-Pak solutions are all under one roof. Utilize our innovative packaging platforms: I-POP TM (Images Printed on Plastic) and Fusion-Pak (the graphic quality of board fused with the strength and flexibility of plastic) to enhance your product’s value in the marketplace. Challenge us to help your product succeed with the power of packaging.