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Groovy Candy

Whether you’re looking for cool new candy, bulk candy for your upcoming event or your old standbys to satisfy your sweet tooth and cravings, Groovy Candies can help. We’re the candy experts and can help you plan the perfect candy buffet for your wedding, birthday party or other events, feel nostalgic with old fashioned candy and retro candy or even find some new favorites.

Shop our wide assortment of wholesale, nostalgic and wedding candy from Groovy Candies for a gift, party favor or just some good, groovy fun. Purchase a collection of your favorite treats, a whole box of just your favorites or bulk candy for a larger event. We make it easy to find exactly what you want or need. Shop candy by color, candy by flavor and candy by type.

A trip down memory lane aided by the favorite candy from your childhood is really good for the soul. How about some of that paper with the buttons that you always tasted along with the candy? Did you carry a pack of chiclets or Fruit Stripe gum with you – we sure did. Browse our retro candy products and our collections of old-time candy themed by decade. These make a great birthday gift and a really neat centerpiece for any class reunion.

You can also browse our list of top candies, as compiled from our history since we started in 1999, and from candy industry publications. You won't be surprised to find Hershey's Kisses and M&Ms at the top. We also have some lists that are just fun to read, like the Valentine's Day facts noting there are over 180 million Valentine's Day cards exchanged, and our list of the most popular Easter candies. Be sure to check back for more fun candy facts.

We would love to help you plan your next candy buffet! Check out or Wedding Candy category links to a DIY wedding candy buffet video and PDF guide. We also provide a number of handy lists with the do, don't s and common mistakes people encounter when treating their guests to a sweet candy buffet.